sba 8(a) Business Development Program


Our certification

ThinkTek is a certified participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development program. Our certification is valid through July 2030 and provides federal agencies the ability to contract directly with ThinkTek on contracts up to $4.5 million

Benefits of 8(a) Sole Sourcing

Awards can be made in a relatively short timeframe (typically less than two weeks), eliminating the lengthy competitive bid process
agencies save money on administrative cost due to the shortened and simplified acquisition procedures and streamlined processes
best values is obtained as agencies negotiate prices directly with the 8(a) firm
helps agencies meet their small business contracting goals while obtaining high-quality, innovative services from small and emerging businesses

how to 8(a) sole source with thinktek

  1. Identify and establish support requirements, performance period, and funding
  2. Develop a statement of (SOW)
  3. Review your requirements and SOW with ThinkTek
  4. Reach out to your agency’s contracting office to request assistance with developing your FAR 19.804-2 “Agency Offering” package from a Contracting Officer (CO)
  5. The CO will send an 8(a) offer letter and the SOW to [email protected], Identifying ThinkTek LLC as your selected vendor
  6. SBA Confirms ThinkTek’s eligibility and authorizes requirements
  7. The CO sends ThinkTek a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) 
  8. ThinkTek submits a proposal/quote for evaluation, if necessary the CO will negotiate directly with ThinkTek
  9. Upon completion or evaluation/ negotiations, the CO prepares a contract award document and sends it to ThinkTek for signature
  10. Upon receipt of the executed contract from ThinkTek, the CO signs the contract and sends it to the SBA, and the contract performance begins